What is allmydomain?

allmydomain is a fast new search engine for finding available domain names. We help you find domain names by pairing your search phrase with other keywords commonly found in domain names and then instantly showing you which are available to register.

How accurate are the result ?

Our search technique is extremely fast but is only about 95% accurate meaning that about 1 in 20 of the available search results is actually registered.

When you click on an available domain name, allmydomain will double-check that the domain name is available. If it's not, it will be marked as registered and will no longer appear registered for you or anyone else. This way the search results become better over time.

How much does it cost ?

allmydomain is 100% free to use.

How do you make money?

We make money when you use the registration links we provide to buy a domain name.

Why can't include number or hyphens in my search terms?

Domain names should pass what's called a "radio test", meaning if you heard the domain name on the radio would people be confused how to get to it?

The problem with numbers is that it's often not clear whether the number should be spelled out or not. As an extreme example, consider something like "paintball-1source".
If you heard that on the radio and the announcer did not spell it out (and they shouldn’t have to) would you know that there's a hyphen or a number 1 in it? Probably not.
And even if the announcer spelled it out, how likely would you be to remember it?

There are some notable exceptions, but in general numbers and hyphens cause confusion which is going to reduce the number of people that can find and remember your site.

Do you use our search data to register your own domain name?

No, we will never use your searches to help us or anyone else register domain names. The only people that should benefit from your searches are you and anyone you share the results with.

How is it so fast ?

We developed allmydomain from the ground up with a focus on speed. We use several caching techniques to ensure the search results are returned as quickly as possible.

How to Purchase domain?